Marlen Wehner - Positivity, Passion and Professionalism.
With individual concepts I support employees, leaders and individual personalities to find and develop their superpower. In this way, I would like to establish the prototype for a new type of personnel development: holistic, positive and at the highest professional level.
Our World needs more...
Developing leaders with an empathetic view for their teams to achieve outstanding results.
  • Vision and strategy: Setting and pursuing goals
  • Developing impact: Empowering and delegating effectively
  • Motivating Leadership: Establish a Positive Leadership culture
  • Lead with confidence: Developing and using emotional intelligence as a leader
  • The Leader as a Coach: Helping others to grow
  • Coaching, Supervision and Mediation
Establish team structures that combine indicidual strengths in the best possible way.
  • Better together: Effective Teamwork
  • Planning success: Stragegy setting for teams
  • Focusing on strentghs: Using individual and team strengths for success
  • Conflict as an opportunity: Effective conflict management
  • Self- and idea marketing: Inspiring others
  • Strong in the storm: Developing Resilience
Better Organizations
Creating a positive culture that welcomes change at all levels.
  • Happy employees: Shaping positive working environment
  • Creative business development: Ideate new business models
  • Convincing others: Leading successful negotiations
  • Strong appearance: Professional communication skills
  • Finding sustainable solutions: Design Thinking as a tool
"I am...
convinced optimist, courageous doer and passionate treasure hunter for human potentials!"
Let's do this!
Individual change processes sometimes need time and we take it!
In order to best meet the change in your company, I accompany executives and teams over a longer period of time with a training and coaching program that is tailored exactly to their needs.
  • Size: 1 : Group (max. 15)
  • Time frame: 6-18 months
  • Goal: To accompany change in the company in a sustainable way
Your topic on the big stage?
I like to present exciting topics around positive leadership, effective teams and better companies to a larger audience.
The perfect initiation for a more intensive discussion of these topics!
  • Size: 1 : n
  • Time frame: up to 2h
  • Goal: Setting impulses and arousing enthusiasm
Trainings & Workshops
The evergreen of personnel development: need-based training and workshops!
The development of skills with which the participants can meet their challenges is the focus here!
You learn together with others in an activating environment with maximum practical relevance and of course a lot of fun!
  • Size: 1 : Group (max. 15)
  • Time frame: one or more days
  • Goal: Expand and apply knowledge effectively
Coaching & Consulting
Individual support ensures the success of the development processes. In this 1:1 or small group setting it's all about you!
In a confidential setting we reflect and discuss individual experiences and questions and together we look for a suitable path for your very personal development.
  • Size: 1 : 1 or 1 : Group
  • Time frame: individuell
  • Goal: Accompany individual development
Leaders developed
I have already developed over 1,550 leaders, entrepreneurs and happy team members, in German and English.
European countries
I have trained, coached and spoken live in 15 European countries, including DACH, the Baltic States, the Czech Republic, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands, but I have also taught online courses around the world.
98% recommendation rate and average rating of 4.89 out of 5 stars by happy customers.
Nothing is more consistent than change!
Together, we develop the heroes of tomorrow who welcome change and seize opportunities as they arise.
„The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results“ Albert Einstein
With empathy and humorous lightness, I succeed in developing positive leadership, high-performance teams and thus better companies in a playful way.
Holistic development through the combination of theory,
practice and ongoing reflection
Durations fits your needs
Empathic trainers ensure a high level of motivation of all participants.
Guaranteed Efficacy